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Awesome momories.
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The search for a perfect picture is a lovely job and a great passion. You are watching nature, enviroment and peoples from an other side. You notice there is always a special perspective for something or awesome look for a landsacpe. You don’t have perfect weather, you have to find the right creativitiy and your picture is a priceless memory. It’s a wonderful thing – a great picture.

I am Michael Walser, and I am a photographer and filmer with passion. My creativity is with me since as teenager. I remember in 1995, I bought my first digital camera and a love was born. Of course this camera was one of the first digital camera and the quality was so bad in comparison with nowadays.

My big hobby stayed and I went with the techonolgy. It’s so great what is possible with the new cameras today. Here you can find my newest photos. Thank you for watching. 

Michael Walser 

"Everyday presents something special in your life. It's your job to aware it and something take up of it."

2017 by Michael Walser

Studio Shooting

Portrait Shootings are so creativity and knows no limts. We can shoot with different outfits or differents items. It’s boundless and in the end you have amazing impressions of yourself. With low light there are beautiful thoughtful pictures in black/white. It’s your choice…

Outdoor Shooting

Our nature is really different and boats incredible posibilities for a beautiful portrait shooting. Every season and every weather ist possible to shoot an amazing colourful portrait or a less saturation special look picture.  You will be happy with every kind.